Brain Streaming Project


My work has now shifted to development of Brain Streaming which will let anyone with the same EEG devices contribute their brain-wave output to the Internet in real time to create collaborative brain-wave drawings with fellow participants. People without EEGs will be able to observe and contribute in other ways. On May 18, 2002, our first transmission operated over the Internet for the first time, letting people in Manhattan and Brooklyn create a collaborative brain-wave drawing on the Web. By making Brainwave Drawings a Web event driven by custom client-server software, a new kind of genre of telepresence will begin to emerge in a multiple-node NetArt performance with accessible physical spaces.

Everyday I feel as though I am closer to actualizing my vision and offering it to the public. I see a day where technology will act as a catalyst for us to communicate as a singular unit, where the self, the other, and community merge into a unified whole producing work that stimulates a finite energy that invokes the presence of infinite energy through its process, sculpting in time and space. Until then, I am a cartographer documenting and recording the shifting boundaries within our self, each other and the world beyond.