Baby Chickey!

Would you like to come out of your bath and have a lesson today? You would? Come on now. All together now. I know you're anxious to know what the lesson's going to be. It's how to identify yourself. Oh dear, I forgot to put on my makeup. I know you don't care about that. Oh, Baby Chickey, come and see your picture. Is this a picture of you, Baby Chickey? You're right, it's not you. Is this a picture of you, Baby Chickey? Why do you think that's you? You're right! It does! It does look like your chest. You have such a nice chest, too. Ah, Baby Chicky, but it's not you. It's a chest. Is this you, Baby Chickey? Baby Chickey, why would you think that was you? Oh, because you were a doggy once. Like Jakey. Oh, I didn't know about that, Baby Chickey. I didn't know you were a doggy like Jakey. Is this you, Baby Chickey? Baby Chickey, it is you. And now because you've been such a good Baby Chickey, you're going to have something to eat. Oh, I know that would make you happy. Yes, you must be very very hungry now. Let's go over to the table and have something to eat after that hard lesson. Let's not get any egg on your face today, Baby Chickey. Mommy's gotten you a very special bib. It's got three little piggies on it. See, Baby Chickey? Three little piggies for one very special Baby Chickey. Oh, la didadida didadida. Oh, I didn't know you still wanted Mommy's food after all this time. Oh, okay, Baby Chickey. You have to wait, Baby Chickey, I have to get myself ready for you. Oh I know Baby Chickey, I know you're very very hungry. But Mommy's got lots of things to take care of. Oh, Baby Chickey, is that better? Is that good? Are you finished now? Yes? Okay. Now Baby Chickey, maybe you can lie down there. Mommy's got so much to take care of, so much falling about, you know. We have to make sure that our zippers are zippered and gloves are put on. I don't have any gloves today, but I'll have them fresh tomorrow. Okay, Baby Chickey, now, you know what? we have a new lesson for you. Just come over here, and I want to tell you that you're going to learn to do something very exciting today. You're going to learn how to walk. And you know if you can't identify yourself, and you can't talk and you can't walk, you won't be any good to anyone. So I want you to learn how to walk. I know you can do it, And I'll help you. You go that way, and A onetwo and a onetwo, and a onetwo. That's all you have to do. Now Let's see. I'll help you the first couple of times, and then you can do it on your own. You have to walk tall, keep your back straight, and your legs long, and have a good posture. Okay, here you go. That's how you start, now you can do it by yourself. Now you do it yourself. You've got to learn how to walk, or I'm going to boil your water and put you in the pot and eat you! You can do it. If you can't walk and you can't talk and you can't identify yourself, into the pot you go. I'm sorry Baby Chickey, but Jake would like to eat you too.