Barterama Rules

Placing a Listing: If you're not sure of the proper format, peruse a few first. Please indicate the way you'd like to be contacted (email, phone, etc.) Indicate also the categories under which you'd like to be listed. Place a listing by clicking here.

Responding to a Listing: Just click on the item code of the listing which interests you, and fill in the form. Make sure you indicate how much of X you want for Y, etc. If you want their piano but don't have the car they're hoping to get in exchange, propose your own trade. If your browser does not support forms, just send us email:

If you'd like a photo or video of your product/service included in your listing, add accordingly: $10 for a photo (2"x2"); $20 for a video (2"x2"), maximum length 30 seconds. When you submit your image, it may be a photo, or in Photoshop format on Mac diskette. Video should be on Hi8 tape or MPG on Mac diskette. Materials will be returned if you include SASE. Send visuals with your check or money order:

ParkBench's Barterama

NYU Center for Digital Multimedia

715 Broadway, 12th Floor

New York, NY 10003

Or, of course, you can offer us Barter!!!