I want a 4-Track Mixer, a Bass Amp, a keyboard Sustain Pedal, a Guitar Stand, a Keyboard Rack, a Bass Stand, and a DAT Recorder. Here's what I've got to offer: A Chauffered, catered weekend for two on Long Island/Fire Island. Beautiful Late 40's Art Moderne House on bird sanctuary; private apartment with roof terrace is all yours for the weekend. We'll pick you up at your place in New York, and drive you out to the house. All meals catered to your taste. Will provide a tour of Fire Island, picnic included. IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN NEW YORK: We will pay shipping charge to send gear to NY. AND, you have your choice of a catered weekend in Manhattan, or Long Island.

I want a Hi8 camera, and am willing to negotiate a trade. Things I can give include: web building services, spanakopita dinners with retsina, a classical guitar. You can contact me at